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Study in the Australia

Study in the Australia


Australia is the world’s 3rd largest Educational destination among International Students. Universities in Australia cater to over 330,000 students per year. International students from almost 56 nationalities go to Australia to study and pursue their dreams.

Australia has the most Unique educational experience to offer with its high Quality of education and renowned degrees. The Quality of education at colleges in Australia is exceptional and the degrees earned are well respected in the global market today. One of the worlds’ fastest growing economies with quality education and work opportunities, as Australian education today surpasses many of its worldly counterparts.

Why Australia?

  •  Cost of living is relatively less in Australian Universities as compared to the UK and the USA.
  •  Excellent employment options are offered to students who pursue their degree in Australia.
  •  Australia is home to a very attractive lifestyle.
  •  With the multi-cultural constitution of Australia, you will find every possible class of cuisine you wish to experience here.
  •  Excellent Transport Network throughout the country.
  •  International Students, who have taken up full time studies at Universities in Australia, are allowed to work part time for a maximum of 20 hours a week.
  •  Another advantage of studying in Australia Is that you may apply for a work permit along with your student visa.
  •  An option to apply for a PR (permanent Residence) is a major attraction to students studying at Universities in Australia. This allows you to live and work in Australia permanently immediately after the completion of your course.
  •  A student’s visa in Australia allows one eligible dependent family member to accompany you to Australia. Such flexibility makes Australia a lucrative option to students seeking Overseas Education Opportunities in Australia.

Request for Expert Advice?

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