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Study in Cyprus

Study in Cyprus



Cyprus is located at the cross-roads of three major continents, which makes it a convenient and cost effective location for International students. An island with 10,000 years of unique history, culture and civilization, standing at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa. Cyprus’ strategic location has been a key factor in turning the island into an international business, financial and shipping centre. In Cyprus, English is spoken more widely than in any other part of Europe, outside the British Isles.

Why Study in Cyprus?

When you study in Cyprus, you will receive:

  •  A high quality international education at an affordable cost.
  •  Internationally recognized undergraduate and graduate programs
  •  Reasonable entry requirements for internationals
  •  Comfy accommodation and attractive facilities
  •  Students are provided with the necessary conditions for a successful and comfortable study, as well as help with accommodation.
  •  Moderate living expenses
  •  Easy Visa Acquisition
  •  Excellent facilities for international students
  •  Great job opportunities

Studying in Cyprus is an opportunity of a lifetime! With its vibrant culture and highly cost-effective living, you can get a great education and life-changing experience at the same time.

We at StudyPro will guide you through the process of researching universities, applying to them, acquiring a student visa, and getting accommodation. Contact us on +2347089670051 and meet with a consultant!